Would love to be a news anchor (Long Island)


Although I am not an experienced news anchor, I am an actor, hair model, and magazine model who is used to being in front of the camera. I have worked in many areas and would like to enter the field of television (as a news anchor/reporter.) Writing and research excite me and my organizational skills would be a great fit for this new position. From nutrition to security, I have been employed in a variety of areas and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge. Please contact me if you feel that I am a good fit for your position.

How could you be a news anchor when you were already on the news for stealing babies?

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Golf Lessons


Certified Physical Ed Teacher seeking summer employment. I teach golf lessons- group lessons or private instruction. I am seeking summer employment until the school year resumes. All ages welcome. Flexible schedule, including weekends. I meet my clients at driving ranges or courses in North County. References available! Email Sean for more information or to set up a lesson.

I thought San Diego teachers got paid summer vacation. Is this your punishment for washing the student’s balls?

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