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What really happened to Katie Olson?


Dissociation is ready to enter production, but we need your help!

Short Summary

Dissociation is a film directed by Kierra Hall. This December, we will begin production on the film in Colorado. From travel expenses to meals and equipment, our budget is growing, and we need your help to make this the best it can be!

  • Kierra Hall (director) and Joey Robinson (producer) are Film and Television students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This will be director Kierra Hall’s senior thesis, and we can’t wait for you to see her story unveil on the screen.
  • This film is a true story based on the missing persons case of Kiplyn Davis. This story is one that needs to be told because so often missing persons cases are overlooked by the public. At any given time in the US there are 90,000 unsolved missing persons cases. This is just one of the thousands of stories that need to be told to help bring awareness to this issue.
  • This story in particular really hits home to me. I grew up just a short drive from where Kiplyn Davis disappeared. Through researching her case and writing the story for this film, I couldn’t help but think how easily I could’ve ended up in her shoes. Yet, growing up so close, I had never heard this story until I was an adult, and I found it through a podcast in no way related to the area. It became a personal mission of mine to bring awareness to not only this case but all of those long forgotten. There are still so many families without closure and I want to make people think about this. It’s easy to disconnect when it’s not personal, but I implore you to make it so. What if this was your daughter, sister, cousin, best friend? You would want their story to be told.
  • We need your help to make this film happen. The film is based on a true story so we want to keep it as accurate as possible. This means packing up our gear and crew to travel thousands of miles so we can be in a location that most accurately represents this case. It is important to us that we not cut corners in telling this story. In order to tell it as truthfully and accurately as possible we need funds that allow us to do so. By donating you are helping us to do just that. 

At least Katie won’t be alive to see this boring film.

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Summer Camp for J.C.


J.C. is a smart young man eager to spend his free time learning more about AI, coding, robotics, and game design. J.C. has already peaked interest in his education from personnel at Fresno State where he has the opportunity to begin shadowing in the art design and technical engineering departments as early as sixth grade. He plans to attend iD Tech at Sacramento State this July which is why are asking for donations. We are looking to raise at least $1400 for the camp, of which tuition alone is over $1300.  The rest is for gas and lunches. We thank you all for any support you can give whether it is financial or blessings in the form of prayer.

I’ll only donate if it’s guaranteed that J.C. will lose his virginity at this camp.

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Help Get Nathan To CannesFilmFest


We are fully funded! A lot of people warned me to not get my hopes up on this and they were right to do so. This was very unlikely to be a success but it’s done and I’m going to Cannes on the 14th!

Love you all!

Original Post

The “3 Days In Cannes” program is a brand new section of the Cannes Film Festival for young people ages 18-28 who love film. I, Nathan Velasquez, was one of the last to be given a pass for the program. 

If this succeeds, I will be going to the Cannes Film Festival. That has been a dream of mine since I was 14 years old and it has only gotten stronger in time. 

Cannes does not allow the public into the festival, invitation only. This is the first time they allow outsiders or film-lovers into the crowd.

For my application to be accepted is such an honor and, with only 10 days till I have to purchase plane tickets and make a hotel arrangement, I am doing everything I can to raise the $4,000 I need to get to and from the festival and get by with modest housing and meals.

The Cannes Film Festival holds a dear place in my heart, look below to see the letter I wrote for my application. I do not come from wealth and traveling out of the country is not something that can be done easily. If this campaign is successful it will be the first time I travel outside of the Americas. If my love of film can inspire people to share this campaign, that will mean the world to me. If my love of film can inspire someone to donate a couple of dollars to the campaign, that means more than I can put into words. 

If you feel like adding a little bit to the fund and this works, you will be contributing to a life changing experience. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Nathan’s career doesn’t seem to be booming. Soon, he’s gonna need to go to a canned food festival.

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Birthday trip/And Birth of my Motivational Blog


Thank you for helping me with my birthday trip and the birth off my Motivationnal Blog Julio’s Adventure Live after Parkinsons.

My Birthday its Agust 3rd i wil be turning 43 yes 43 But thats just a number the figthing espirt it’s waths importan never to loose … The idea of doing these was from all the people in the street that tells me to  keep it up and there are several stories, one was in Philadelphia where at the bar these young boy early 30’s and he just thank me for the courage of still going out he was happy because he said i reminded him his brother that he use to take out, another was a man  Just going  out for a beer and pure luck we sat together and he also thanks me for being so Brave he was having some trouble and taking care off his mother he just was reminded to keep figthing and there many moré… I was daignose by Dr Stern at UPENN (9 years ago) where i have my DBS surgery a few years latter with Dr Baltuch(now a year and a few month since the surgery) awesome team now i want to Shake and Bake around the world and motívate people to keep living live to keep figthing if lives give you sour lemons just add some simple syrup 

LETS GO EXPIERENCES LIFE TOGHETHERE…  In the future i want to transform these into a Fundation to help people get out and live no mater whats there condition.

anny help its apreciated thank you 

Julio A.

The brain surgery must have thrown off your ability to realize that nobody wants to pay for your vacation.

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Let’s create Happy and Free Kid’s Space!


An inclusive publishing company and digital space for children’s social-emotional development.


Happy and Free Kid’s Space is both a fun space for children to access fun books and songs and a mechanism for social justice! First steps will be establishing a publishing company and digital space where children can find stories centering characters with marginalized identities, written and created by storytellers with marginalized identities. These stories will support social and emotional development in children and provide adults with resources, to support happy and free kids!

You should give the children LSD. I know that has nothing to do with the project, I just really wanted to say that.

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NexTrax App Development Fundraiser


Our company is called NexTrax. NexTrax is run by 3 junior high students and supported by a community of adults.  The three guys behind the company are Avery, Giovanni & Rhys. We live in a suburb north of New Orleans, LA.

Through the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy, we learned a lot about how to launch and run a successful business.  We’ve been working on this project since October 2016 and have made a ton of progress.

We are developing a product that allows people to track anything from small objects, to pets or small children using a tracking device linked to a smartphone app.
Simply attach the device to any item that you want to keep track of, then use the app to find it. It’s that simple. 

As with any new business we’re learning that there are always unexpected expenses that come up, so we are reaching out to our family, friends and anyone else who would love to help us achieve our dream of opening a successful business!!  

We are developing 2 versions of our app to include IOS for Apple users and an Android version.  We have already begun the development of the IOS & Andriod app and need more money to finish both. We need $300 to finish out the IOS app, and $1,500 to finish the Andriod app. 

We also need additional money for inventory, and other startup expenses. 

We have worked tirelessly for the last 10 months and with your help we can finally launch our business!

Thanks for taking the time to read our story!  You can read more about us on our website at:


This is no fucking joke. These kids are putting tracking devices on us. The robot apocalypse is beginning.

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Launch of US based cryptocurrency exchange.


Fides Exchange stand for the transparent and honest operations of a cryptocurrency exchange.


Fides Exchange stand for the transparent and honest operations of a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange takes security, support and service seriously having already seen how most exchanges handle these matters. Communication will not be sporadic or non-existent. Standard financial market practices will be followed. Decisions are made as a group for the benefit of the exchange and users, not individuals.

Exchange Requirements

The projected amount would allow the exchange to run until it become profitable and sustainable.  The amount being raised is substantial because growth is projected over 2 years; the platform and steps being taken to secure traders funds are expensive.   The effort and financial requirements in establishing a trusted and secure exchange are expensive, but necessary.

You should call it Titcoin. Guaranteed publicity.

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 Dear Babadookers,

For those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for a Babadook book, your time has come. Babadook has decided not to murder you at this point, but to offer you one of his books instead, so he can terrorise you with it first, page by page.

As a result, we will be offering (for a very short time only) the chance to BUY A SECOND EDITION MISTER BABADOOK POP-UP BOOK. 

These books will be made to the same high standards as the first edition, but they won’t be numbered or signed (they will be marked with a second edition label.)

THIS OFFER WILL EXPIRE ON 1st September 2019.

We need a minimum order of 500 books to make this happen, so DO NOT DELAY. BUY YOUR COPY NOW.


2014 was a long time ago. At least make a terrible sequel. You’re just jealous of all the Chucky dolls being sold.

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Bridges App: Join our Adventure


Imagine that you are trapped in your mind, wandering in a never-ending loop of frustration, turmoil, and loneliness. No hope of escape, no bridge to the world that surrounds you. 

Millions of lucid, responsible people live their lives unable to express basic feelings. A stroke victim, a child with autism, a service member with a traumatic brain injury. Simple but essential feelings like: “I love you,” “I’m sad because nobody understands me,” “I’m scared because I’m meeting someone new.” 

On some level, we all crave connection. We want connection with our children, our family, and our friends. We don’t merely want to share our basic needs; we want to share our ideas, experiences, and circumstances. We want the security of knowing we can be understood.

What is Bridges?
Bridges App is an application for smartphones and tablets that provides speech-challenged users a simple way to retrieve, formulate, and convey complex, grammatically correct thoughts and emotions. 

Who does it help?
Bridges App is designed for users from adolescence to adulthood who experience neurologically-based impediments to speech and language formulation—and their friends and family. 

·      Hearing impaired
·      Limited English Proficiency
·      Traumatic Brain Injured
·      Veterans (PTSD)
·      Speech Apraxia (stroke victims; congenital conditions)
·      Intellectually challenged
·      Non-verbal due to conditions such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
·      Vocal cord injuries

An early focus group and advisors who have seen the application prototype also recommend Bridges App for Speech and Language Pathologists, Therapists, Audiologists, Psychologists, and Habilitation Specialists, as well as educators for special-ed, the hearing impaired, and inclusion educators. Because of its structured approach to phrase generation, it could function as a classroom learning tool English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Educators.

What’s wrong with pen and paper? That’s right, you’re afraid they’ll eat the pen.

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Donate School Bus To Feed Children



As per the increasing number of children, we urgently need some requirement of three to five vehicles for 450 n above students. These vehicles help these children in such a great way, as we can handle the transportation of these kids from their home to school.  A car or bus donation helps us in possessing a vehicle that will make their routines easier. This gives us the much-needed independence to carry on those children who were not able to come to school due to the lack of transportation during bad weather or any economic reasons. Such that their parents will never resist them from attending the school, as this service is free of cost. Kindly support us with your great contribution landing towards these upcoming stars of our nations. All they need is just some empowerment, care, motivation and quality education and all this happen with your support. You can also donate some funds for this purpose as mention in our website, following proper steps of payment with security.

False advertising. I wanted to see these kids try to eat a school bus.

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