Odd job (North shore/ southern NH)


Hi I am looking for an odd job that either nobody wants or you can’t find anybody to do that’s what makes this an odd job I’m looking to make between 30 and $40 dollars a week maybe your business of your home and it’s something that nobody else wants to do. Maybe you a lawn mower and no one to cut your grass that’s me, maybe walk your dogs, maybe some little thing at your business that only takes a couple hours a week that no wants to do. hopefully I can help you and it sure would be a big help to me. Email me. Thank. you. Jim. Scammers don’t waste your time and mine.

I would like to hire you to run naked through a cactus field. You said you wanted a job that nobody wants.

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Looking to do tutoring


Hello! I am a college student at Fullerton Community College seeking a job in tutoring math to students at any age, grade, or up to undergraduate college students.

Here is some math I can tutor in: Algebra fundamentals (so beginning, intermediate, or college level), Trigonometry, Graph Theory, Calculus (I, II), Multivariable/Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

I’d need to review my statistics and discrete mathematics if you need major help there.

I hope you’re interested.

Personal side note: In all honesty, I’m not looking to even make above minimum wage. But I just need the job since I have to support myself. I’m even willing to volunteer extra time beyond any work schedule I may get.

This post was so convincing but you ruined it with the personal side note.

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Ben Hinshelwood


Benjamin Gerald Hinshelwood (born 22 March 1977 in Melbourne). Son of famous Scottish winger Sandy Hinshelwood, Ben was the outstanding sportsman in his days at North Sydney Boys High School. Joined the University of Sydney Rugby Union team where as a centre he helped secure the 2001 Premiership before leaving for England where he played rugby union at fullback for Worcester Warriors.

Hinshelwood won 19 caps for Scotland, making his debut against Canada in 2002 and a final Test appearance from the bench in last season’s Six Nations fixture against Italy. He played in the World Cup in 2003 making four appearances before Scotland’s exit in the quarter final stage to Australia national rugby union team

He retired in December 2005 following a back injury. Two months previously he had announced that he was taking a break from international rugby but, after further medical advice called time on his career completely.

His back injury was brought on from the stress of living in his daddy’s shadow.

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apprentice audio position wanted (Reno)


I have a couple of friends who work in Audio. Ever since I came across it I’ve wanted to be more involved and work the sound board. I’m looking for someone to teach me everything there is about sound audio boards with on hands training. I have a lot of friends in bands etc. I’d also love to learn studio recording. I’ve tried to find schools or college programs but have come up empty handed. Any leads or advice YouTube videos I gladly welcome.

Please no soliciting.

Your friends could recommend you or help guide you into this field. Maybe they’re not your friends.

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