apprentice audio position wanted (Reno)

I have a couple of friends who work in Audio. Ever since I came across it I’ve wanted to be more involved and work the sound board. I’m looking for someone to teach me everything there is about sound audio boards with on hands training. I have a lot of friends in bands etc. I’d also love to learn studio recording. I’ve tried to find schools or college programs but have come up empty handed. Any leads or advice YouTube videos I gladly welcome.

Please no soliciting.

Your friends could recommend you or help guide you into this field. Maybe they’re not your friends.

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Detroit Lightning

The Detroit Lightning was a Major Indoor Soccer League franchise which existed for only one season, 1979–1980. The Lightning finished that season at 15–17. The team’s home arena was Cobo Arena.

On May 28, 1980, at the end of the 1979–1980 season, David Schoenstadt bought the Lightning and moved the team from Detroit, Michigan to San Francisco, California where he renamed the team the San Francisco Fog.


You shouldn’t have used Archie as the goalie.

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BEWARE OF SCAMMERS on Craigslist (islandwide)

ATTENTION: I have an active ad here on Craigslist to find work. Someone emailed me and offered to send a large sum of money to take care of their grandmother even before any work was done.I knew this was a scam so I ignored this person. The scammers will offer to send money and you will be victim and lose YOUR money. If something is TOO GOOD to be true then it’s TOO Good to be TRUE and a SCAM!!! I was also selling a jacket and SCAMMER’S offered to send me a $2000.00 check for a $200.00 leather jacket. I emailed them that I would call the police. PLEASE do not believe everyone on this site because some SCAMMER’s are looking on this site too. There are some people offering work that are Sincere. Please Be careful to weed out the SCAMMERS from the Sincere people. Aloha

How do you know the job was a scam? You missed out on an opportunity to give an old lady a sponge bath.

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