Twists and Tales

A hilariously original storytelling card game, written by 19 children and young people from literacy charity, Grimm & Co.

Have you ever wanted jumpstart your imagination? Or to laugh until your sides ached? Do you dream of hearing a jaw-dropping story, the likes of which has never been told before? Or feeling gloriously smug about being cleverer, funnier, and generally more brilliant than your family and friends? Have you ever wanted a spark of inspiration that can help you to write, or draw, or dream?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then we have the game for you!  

Twists and Tales is a hilariously original story-telling game, created by children and young people from Grimm & Co. Full of prodigious prompts to unleash your imagination and get your creativity cogs spinning, Twists and Tales will inspire you to open your mind and thrill the world with stories and wonder.  With your support, we can bring this project to life and share this brilliant game with a wider audience.

These lih-oh Brits don’t give a fuck the game. They enjoy the food, and the parents enjoy the cashola.

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Caterina J’s New Studio Album

Help me raise funds for my second professional album with Producer Mike Davidson in Boston, MA!

With your help, Caterina J is embarking on her new professionally-recorded album with a fantastic producer and studio in Boston, MA. Mike Davidson has been working hard on her new material and is so excited at this opportunity to bring her project to life. Caterina J has already recorded one new song for you to stream for free below, called “REBORN.” Your support will help Caterina get back into the studio to make the rest of the album and take this project to the next level!


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Sweetgrass & Cinnamon

Indigenous art gallery and cafe


 Help us launch Sweetgrass & Cinnamon Indigenous Art Gallery & Cafe!

The day we drove through Holyrood and saw a bakery for sale right on the harbour front was the day we began dreaming of our own cafe and art gallery. The location was absolutely perfect – and beautiful. Blue ocean for miles, the prettiest collection of beach rocks, sailboats in the harbour, and of course we couldn’t forget the whales.

For the past 30 years Burlington has been creating beautiful Indigenous art, using techniques passed down for generations that a few years ago nearly became extinct. As any artist knows all too well, receiving a fair price for a piece of artwork that took hours, days or even months to create, is a rare occurrence. As a result, many artists set aside their art and move on. We want to create a space where artists are given recognition and fair compensation for their work. 

Sweetgrass and Cinnamon will function as a cafe serving hand-crafted espressos, a variety of fine teas, fresh baked goods – all baked in-house, soups, sandwiches, meals-to-go, local traditional fare as well as a selection of food infused with Indigenous ingredients.

I hope this cafe has peyote brownies.

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The worlds first self sanitising baby bottle

We’re helping parents travel faster and lighter with a bottle fed baby

Short Summary

Pronto bottle is the world’s first self sanitising baby bottle that allows you to travel lighter, faster and easier with your baby. As a bottle feeding Mum, I was so frustrated with the outdated and cumbersome process of having to wash, sanitise and prepare multiple bottles every day. Let alone having to carry around so much weight with me in a nappy bag because of all those pre-filled bottles!

Starting at as little as $99 you not only get to hold your very own self-sanitizing baby bottle, you also help us to setup our manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and distribution which makes you a part of this game-changing invention that will make bottle feeding lighter, faster, easier and more sustainable for parents around the globe.

Too late, God got the self-cleaning bottle patent when he invented tits.

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Lebot: The Aquatic Robot That Teaches Children How To Code

Programmable via its app, Lebot teaches code writing while awakening children’s curiosity with modular components & magnetic connectors


 Lebot is your first programmable waterproof robot that inspires children to write their first lines of code while teaching them critical thinking and STEM learning in a fun interactive way.

Lebot’s brain has magnetic connectors and with just one tool, your children can get creative and build a submarine, a boat, an underwater rover or anything in between.

Of course Asian kids would enjoy this toy, but most kids would prefer a slingshot.

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The story of a man, a bear, love, and deception.


Howdy folks!  Thanks for checking out our Indiegogo page!  We are raising money for our capstone short film Bear With Me.  Here’s a little bit about the story:  After getting dumped, a hapless college student unhappily winds up in the arms of a cuddly bear.  Sounds like something that you want to see, right?  Well, by helping us out, not only will you get the film one step closer to completion, you’ll help the filmmakers graduate from college, which our parents will be extra excited about.  Here’s who we’ve got working on the film:

Dan O’Keefe Writer & Director

Dan is excited to make this film because he wrote it, and he finally has an excuse to purchase a large bear.

Let’s all help Dan O’Keefe get a bear because he’s sick of twinks.

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Displaced Generation by Jennifer Pitsch

Stories of the young, homeless, and their paths to housing. This book will publish in December 2019.


The book is a nonfiction work about the real-life growing crisis of young adult homelessness in the United States. It covers the causes of this epidemic, but even more importantly, the various innovative solutions out there that people are working on. I wrote it because after seeing youth homelessness up close and personal in my own community, I wanted to see what could be done to raise awareness and share their stories. My book will publish in December 2019.

Jennifer should actually help the homeless. Instead of housing, she should let them enter her garage.

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Deadliest Catch: The Game

Enter the dangerous world of king crab fishing in the deadly Bering Sea!

Take command of your own fishing vessel in the deadly Bering Sea and catch red king crabs in this realistic simulator!

Deadliest Catch: The Game is a realistic 3D simulation game with strategic elements, where you get to experience Alaskan king crab catching. Travel to Dutch Harbor by the Bering Sea to become the captain of your own fishing vessel. From sailing, through resource management and logistics, to direct interaction with equipment and the caught crabs – everything is re-created with detailed models and realistic water physics.

This game would be a hit if it were called I’ve Got Crabs.

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