Alzheimer’s – Let’s Find A Cure

Imagine living a “normal” everyday life, job, house, family and suddenly out of nowhere you are hit with a life changing diagnosis. Your life is turned upside down and you will never be the same again. 

This is the life of my uncle Geoff, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2017. Geoff is no longer able to work in his profession as an anesthetist which he loved and faces many other issues in his life that have been challenged due to this diagnosis. 

For the month of July I will not have any alcohol and aim to raise as much as possible for this heart breaking disease with donations going to Australian Research Institute. 

While there are no effective medications or cure of this condition, there are strong links to lifestyle as its cause and growing evidence that targeted lifestyle changes can impact the course of some dementia type conditions. 

Australian Research Institute are working on a project that  involves research into a specific pathway that they think may improve and protect brain cells directly. This is called the NAD+ metabolic pathway.  In this project they will be investigating the impact of increasing NAD+ levels on cognitive (brain) function in people with cognitive impairment. The studies would look at the effect of NAD+ supplementation (delivered via various routes and precursors) on both changes in cognitive performance and cellular (and blood) NAD+ levels.

Every dollar counts towards this research, so please dig deep and donate to this incredibly important organisation.

The cure is telling them they don’t have Alzheimer’s. They won’t remember being diagnosed.

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A comic/zine series based on the daily struggles of a Korean-American immigrant woman artist searching for her identity today


Hello, I’m Eunsoo Jeong, a Los Angeles based artist and creator of Koreangry, a comic/zine series based on my daily struggles as a Korean-American immigrant woman and artist searching for identity in today’s political climate.

From the creators of Jewealthy.

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Please Sponsor Me

My name is Morgane Shibata. I’m 7yrs old and I’m in cheerleading. I’m looking for someone to sponsor me please.

You’ll have a sponsor later in life when you’re an alcoholic slut.

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Printing Adult Juice Box on a Risograph

Adult Juice Box wants to make a cheap but beautiful zine about wine. Help us buy a risograph to make that happen.


Hi. We’re Philip and Liam, and for the past 4 months we’ve been making a zine about wine called Adult Juice Box. With Adult Juice Box, we’ve been able to explore ideas in wine that democratize this adult juice, like subjecting canned wine to real scrutiny, and giving people the vocabulary to find wine they like without having to live in a monastery in Napa for five years.  We’ve mostly been distributing our zine in physical stores like Decant and Green Apple Books, as well as through our Patreon.

Phillip named it Adult Juice Box because he’s an adult baby.

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The Faces of Resilience

Daring to Change the Indigenous Narrative


Daring to Change the Indigenous Narrative!

“Faces of Resilience” is a mini docu-series highlighting Indigenous success by show-casing Indigenous leaders and innovators by telling their stories of how they got to where they are today. We are very passionate about creating this series as it will shy away from the negative representation indigenous youth have been dealt with-and instead, inspire, empower and build confidence within each and every one of them.

The only good Indiegogo is a dead Indiegogo.

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Happy Raptor Distilling

Hello from New Orleans’ newest rum distillery! Your support makes all the difference.

Welcome! (Bienvenue !)

Happy Raptor Distilling, LLC was founded in 2017 by three friends and former next-door neighbors: Mark, Meagen and Peter. Our mission at Happy Raptor is to produce quality craft spirits in an environment dedicated to our culture, community, and doing the things that bring us joy. Our team at Happy Raptor is proud to share in the resilience, tenacity and passion that keeps our city growing and thriving as a small business and scrappy new startup. We can’t wait to become a staple of our new neighborhood, turning a graffiti-covered shed into something special — with your help!

Mark shouldn’t be the head distiller. The rum tastes like Cheetos and Batman comics.

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Martin Luther King Font.

Creating a font based on Martin Luther King, Jr. handwriting.

Nice to meet you! My name is Harald Geisler. I am a typographer specialised in handwriting fonts. Here on Kickstarter I created fonts based on Albert Einstein’s and Sigmund Freud’s handwriting. Now, with approval of the King Estate in Atlanta, I would like to continue the series and create a font based on Martin Luther King jr.’s handwriting.

What about Hitler font?

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The First Zero Waste Movie

A romantic-comedy about one wild night in Philly, to be filmed without making any trash. Zero waste!

A Revolution Behind The Camera

Behind the scenes, Hollywood is full of trash – from disposable sets to disposable water bottles.  We believe there is a more sustainable way to entertain! This fall, we are going to produce the very first Zero Waste movie – which means we aim to collect less than 16 ounces of trash over the entire course of making the film, from start to finish.  That’s basically a jar of spaghetti sauce.

  • For the last three years, we have been making all our videos, short films and music videos without generating trash for the landfill.
  • We have 15 years of experience in the film industry, two masters degrees, and multiple awards!
  • With some incredibly talented actors on board (including Alice Kremelberg, Orange is the New Black; Alexis Floyd, The Bold Type) we know this movie will entertain for years to come.

Together we can change the wasteful ways of Hollywood. We can prove there is a new way to delight and entertain audiences – sustainably, and with respect for future generations! Join us, won’t you?

The only trash is the movie.

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Planet of the Tapes: Comedy Venue/ Movie Rental

Louisville is getting a new comedy venue…and it’s also a movie rental store!

Chris Vititoe and Jim Bob Brown, the makers of Louisville entertainment like The Possum, Lil Andy, and Ultra Pulverize, are in the process of creating a truly unique venue. It’s called Planet of the Tapes – a combination alt-comedy stage, movie rental store and bar. This is a dream-come-true for these life-long friends and collaborators. Set to open in Fall 2019, Planet of the Tapes will be a hub for creative expression. A home base for shows like Lil’ Andy, Big Howell and Possum, We Still Like You…not to mention a place to attract comedic talent from around the country. This represents everything they are passionate about, all under one roof.  And guess what – it’s centrally located in Louisville with ample parking. You won’t want to miss hanging out in this place.

Renovation time!

The duo intends to build a comfortable venue to hang out in, browse DVDs, enjoy a nice drink and see a unique show. They could use your help to make this happen. When you donate to this project, you’ll be helping them transform the building into a fully-operational creative powerhouse. Funds will be directed to: construction materials, permits, bar equipment, and sound/lighting equipment. Anything you can spare would go a long way to helping these folks out. So, as soon as you can, please consider donating to this cause.  The help is greatly appreciated, and the team behind the venue is very much looking forward to filling some much-needed voids in this great city. Thank you!!

I’m warning you, do not attract the alt crowd. Your place will be known as Planet of the Rapes.

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Let’s Play Thru – Show Supporters

Support the launch of Let’s Play Thru & Enter Drawing To Play With Us On Our Next Golf Trip!

Let’s Make Golf Cool, Together!

Golf is awesome. Like, really awesome. You know that. We know that. Now the rest of the world needs to see that. Our simple mission to grow the game of golf by entertaining & delighting golfers & non-golfers alike. 

Like it or not, golf is often seen as stuffy and boring and something “your father played” – we want to change that misconception. 

There are many great golf shows out there, but most focus on the technical aspects of the game. We are focusing on what’s fun about golf – the connection, the camaraderie and the adventure!

…….Oh and did we mention the food and craft cocktails?

Our show will appeal to millennials, non golfers and even show why your next golf trip can be a family adventure!

Subscribe to the show at

You’re the Anthony Bourdain of golf… hopefully.

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