Autism Speaks

LOS ANGELES – Autism Speaks, Best Buddies and Special Olympics, in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), are announcing the launch of Delivering Jobs, an inclusion campaign designed to create pathways to one million employment and leadership opportunities for people with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual and developmental differences by 2025.– Autism Speaks, Best Buddies and Special Olympics, in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), are announcing the launch of Delivering Jobs, an inclusion campaign designed to create pathways to one million employment and leadership opportunities for people with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual and developmental differences by 2025.

The police get a 911 call from a kid. They hear “Help! My dad’s on the spectrum!” The police say “Call back when you have a real emergency.” The next day, the kid goes down to the police station and says “I can’t believe you don’t take sexual abuse seriously. You hung up on me when I told you my dad was on the rectum.”

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Dear Society: Women Shouldn’t Have To Dress Modestly To Be Respected Or To ‘Avoid’ Rape

Reducing the complexity of a woman to her body or equating her character to the way she dresses has been a damaging way to deny women their humanity and to victim-shame survivors of sexual assault and rape. In public schools, young girls across the country have been kicked out of proms and being suspended from school for wearing clothing that was deemed too “revealing” and distracting, sometimes in light of overly rigid dress codes.  Unsurprisingly, the common targets of such policing tend to be women and it’s sadly only a microcosm of a larger culture in which women’s bodies and clothing choices are perpetually policed and shamed.

A man is on trial for rape. The prosecution says in their opening statement “We have evidence that you raped this woman.” The defense says in their opening statement “You shouldn’t have worn that skirt, bitch!” The jury finds the defendant not guilty. How come?

There was an audio recording of the accuser detailing how she was gonna frame the defendant, from a live mic that was put on one of her skirts.

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‘Could Care Less’ Versus ‘Couldn’t Care Less’

a girl shrugging like she couldn't care less

Both Merriam-Webster and have weighed in and say “could care less” and “couldn’t care less” mean the same thing. Their reasoning is that both phrases are informal, English is often illogical, and people use the two phrases in the same way. “Could care less” has come to mean the same thing as “couldn’t care less.”

How could opposites mean the same thing? It’s like if “kill the Jews” meant the same thing as “chill with Jews.”

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Will the New Coronavirus Keep Spreading or Not? You Have to Know One Little Number

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread widely in China and around the world, scientists are racing to understand how infectious the disease is and to project how many more people could be sickened in the coming weeks or months.

For disease outbreaks, epidemiologists have a term for describing the average number of people an infected individual will spread an illness to in a susceptible population: it is known as the basic reproduction number, or R0 (pronounced “R-naught”). If the R0 is less than one, the outbreak will fizzle out. If it is greater than one, the outbreak will continue. Early estimates place the R0 for the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) in the range of two to three. For comparison, the R0 of SARS (a related coronavirus) was two to four when it caused a deadly outbreak in 2003, and the R0 of measles is 12 to 18.

But a reproduction number is not fixed. For example, it can change as people become immune to a pathogen or change their behavior to avoid sick people. The effective reproduction number for the new coronavirus is likely lower than the estimated R0—but it is still too early to predict how the current outbreak will play out.

The last time I drank Corona, I ended up in a Mexican whorehouse. The real coronavirus is AIDS.

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PrePark – It’s like Uber for your driveway!

PrePark is a new app that will change the way we park, forever.

PrePark is an application that will allow people who have an available parking space to rent it to people who need it, in exchange for an affordable fee, paid to the person renting out their space. The idea is mostly appropriate to areas close to locations where people gather frequently for large events and in areas where parking is generally too hard to find or too expensive. 

The application will make the process of advertising or finding a space stress free and profitable or cost effective depending on which type of end user you are. 

Users who want to advertise their available parking spaces will be able to do so within a few clicks, using mapping technology to find their address and location on a map. Users will have the ability to add a description and Image of the space as well decide upon their own price.

I’m gonna teach you about business. I’m sure when you first aspired to be an entrepreneur, you wanted to rule the world. At some point, somebody planted the “you’ve got to be realistic” seed in your head. One night you had the epiphany “I’m gonna take over the parking industry!” Nobody thinks about parking when they’re not parking. A good spot doesn’t really improve your life, and walking is good. My advice is to do heroin to numb the emotional pain. You’re never gonna take over the world of parking, but someday you’ll be a great park rapist.

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Super Bowl prop bets

Multiple betting platforms offer up the chance for people to bet on everything from the game’s winner and loser, to the coin toss and even which songs will be played at the halftime show.

A guy comes home with a black eye and a broken arm. His wife asks “What happened?” He says “I owed a loan shark $20,000 so I bet $10,000 on the Chiefs, and they won.” She asks “Then why are you beat up?” He says “I also bet $10,000 on the celebration Gatorade being blue, and it was orange.” Then she punishes him by making him watch her have sex with his father, who happens to be in porn.

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Taking action against child sexual abuse

Helping to end abuse and violence against children is an important focus for the mobile industry. Telia Company is actively participating in the fight against online child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and working closely with industry partners, law enforcement and NGOs.

Reducing the availability of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is a priority for Telia. It provides filters on its networks to restrict access to websites defined by law enforcement to be illegal for hosting CSAM. As Telia stands for and promotes an open internet, this is the only area where it has taken an active stand for voluntary blocking.

Those kids were asking for it. Maybe they shouldn’t have dressed so slutty. Besides, having a molested child is hip. It’s the new having a Down syndrome child.

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Japan mourns Kobe Bryant, the man who helped put Kobe beef on the global map

TOKYO — Kobe beef has long been a famous delicacy in Japan, but one man did more than most to put it on the global map.

“Mr. Kobe Bryant was named after Kobe beef after his father had a taste of it and loved it,” said Tetsunori Tanimoto, director of the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. “We think it is thanks to his name that the value of Kobe beef as something valuable was no doubt raised globally. It was our great honor for us to have him use our important name.”

He became roast beef.

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The SpongeBob Musical

“Wonders pour from the stage in a ravishing stream of color and invention” (Time Out New York) as Broadway’s best creative minds reimagine and bring to life the beloved Nickelodeon series with humor, heart and pure theatricality in a neon-sparkly “party for the eyes and ears” (Daily Beast). Be there when SpongeBob and all of Bikini Bottom face catastrophe—until a most unexpected hero rises to take center stage. This “creative explosion” ( is “nothing short of genius” says Theatermania, so bring the entire family to celebrate friendship and cooperation, and learn the power of unity and inclusion.

You gotta see SpongeBob Peter Pan. Sandy plays Captain Hook. Sandy Hook is hilarious.

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Guy Takes Selfies Every Day For 20 Years, Shows How Subtle Changes Create A Big Difference At The End

Noah Kalina is a New York photographer who has had exhibitions all over the world and worked for some of the most influential companies and publications. He also takes a photo of himself looking into the camera with a neutral expression every day, and it’s this simple project that has become his most celebrated work.

Can someone please be innovative and do this with their dick? 

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