‘We Were Desperate’ – Zombies Short Film


Welcome! The goal of this campaign is to raise money to support my short film directorial debut, ‘We Were Desperate’: a story set in a post-apocalyptic world where morality is constantly questioned and people are hunted by infected humans. Synopsis: When two strangers cross paths after a close encounter with a Banshee, a crazed, flesh-eating person, they attempt to find a safe haven before night falls.

Short Summary

Hey, guys! My name is Corbin, and welcome to my campaign for my first short film, ‘We Were Desperate’.

I’ve loved creating videos since I was a child, and I’ve always been drawn to filmmaking and movies. I’ve been writing this film for over half a year now, and I’m super excited to share it with you all. I’ve always loved the themes of survival and desperation in films, TV, and video games, and this film presents a simple question to its viewers: how far would you go to survive?

This isn’t just a zombies film. This is a film about what humans are capable of when laws are stripped away, when society has crumbled, and when flesh-eating people have control of the earth.

You should make a behind the scenes documentary called “I Am Desperate.”

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Bad Dolly


Do you like things that go bump in the night? How about creepy dolls who come to life to help save little boys from nasty parents? Well then, this is the short horror film for you! BAD DOLLY is a fun and bloody jaunt, packed with eerie characters, ample jump scares and epic kill scenes. We have a KILLER cast and crew too! Not only would your donations be helping to see a horrifically magical vision realized, but you’d be helping to support a female filmmaker at the same time! You’re AWESOME!

No special effects required. You’re the spitting image of Raggedy Ann.

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The Promise


We are raising funds to begin principal photography on our feature film, The Promise. Your pledges will allow us to continue the casting process, secure the rest of our crew,  and lock in our key locations. We are amazing at pinching pennies, and each dollar we raise here will go directly into the film. None of our core team members will be taking salaries. With a small cast, character-driven action, and largely contained single location, The Promise is specifically designed to be made on a low budget.  

Once this goal is reached, we will move on to our stretch goal of $30,000. which will go toward permits, insurance, props and wardrobe, and craft service/catering.

Every little bit helps to reach the finish line. We are SO GRATEFUL for your support!

John Q ripoff. The sons even have the same name. Go lick Denzel’s balls.

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Labor Work Wanted (Los Angeles)


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Willing to do whatever you need to get done and don’t have the time for however, those wanting ANY TYPE of POSTING Done, will have to pay per post the first couple of weeks and that’s based on my first three Posting gigs, ALL via CL, where NONE of them paid me, yet swore up & down that they would and how legitimate that they were!

Nobody wants to hire you. The person that suckered you has a shot at making it.

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Jimmy Wales is an internet hobo

You can monetize your website by selling your own products or selling other people’s products. Wikipedia does something different. They beg. You’ve seen those annoying donation requests. Jimmy Wales refuses to put ads on Wikipedia because he wants to be a revolutionary hippie. “I would never give in to commercialism, man!” Wikipedia should sell T-shirts that strangers can edit. WikiShirts.

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Hashtag Me Too

Twitter thinks they cured rape. The hashtag Me Too movement is bad for rape victims because it gives the rapists the excuse that the victim has ulterior motives. Now nobody believes the rape victim. It’s the boy who raped wolf. Twitter is only an archived chat room. Jack Dorsey is one monotoned son of a bitch. He’s Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. “But I still love technology, always and forever.” All jokes aside, I must come forward… Ronan Farrow raped me. He drugged me and told me to get ready for Rosemary’s baby, then he put his Annie in my hall.

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Little b (programming language)


Little b is a domain-specific programming language, more specifically, a modeling language, designed to build modular mathematical models of biological systems. It was designed and authored by Aneil Mallavarapu. Little b is being developed in the Virtual Cell Program at Harvard Medical School, headed by mathematician Jeremy Gunawardena.

This language is based on Lisp and is meant to allow modular programming to model biological systems. It will allow more flexibility to facilitate rapid change that is required to accurately capture complex biological systems.

The language draws on techniques from artificial intelligence and symbolic mathematics, and provides syntactic conveniences derived from object-oriented languages. The language was originally denoted with a lowercase b (distinguishing it from B, the predecessor to the widely used C programming language, but the name was eventually changed to “little b” to avoid confusion and to pay homage to Smalltalk, the first object-oriented programming language.

Anyone who knows little b is a little bitch.

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List of Nazis of non-Germanic descent


List of Nazis of non-Germanic descent, including notable people in Nazi German service, such as Schutzstaffel members, who had some non-German ancestry. Notably, there were several high-ranking Nazis of partial Jewish descent. There were also many of Slavic descent. See Nuremberg Laws for further information on the status of non-Aryan people in Nazi Germany.

There should be a page called “List of Jews who aren’t circumcised.”

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Download: The True Story of the Internet


Download: The True Story of the Internet is a documentary television series about Internet history. It is aired on Science Channel in the US and Discovery Channel for other countries. It originally aired on March 3, 2008. The show was hosted by John Heilemann.


There are four parts to the documentary:

  • Part 1: Browser Wars – The rise and fall of Netscape and its battle against Microsoft
  • Part 2: Search – The rise of Google and Yahoo
  • Part 3: Bubble – The dot.com crash of 2000 and the mainstays of the Internet: Amazon.com and Ebay
  • Part 4: People Power – Peer to peer technology, web 2.0, and social networking

Part 5: Depression – John Heilemann realizes that nobody cares about his internet documentary and he becomes an alcoholic.

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