Displaced Generation by Jennifer Pitsch


Stories of the young, homeless, and their paths to housing. This book will publish in December 2019.


The book is a nonfiction work about the real-life growing crisis of young adult homelessness in the United States. It covers the causes of this epidemic, but even more importantly, the various innovative solutions out there that people are working on. I wrote it because after seeing youth homelessness up close and personal in my own community, I wanted to see what could be done to raise awareness and share their stories. My book will publish in December 2019.

Jennifer should actually help the homeless. Instead of housing, she should let them enter her garage.

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Deadliest Catch: The Game


Enter the dangerous world of king crab fishing in the deadly Bering Sea!

Take command of your own fishing vessel in the deadly Bering Sea and catch red king crabs in this realistic simulator!

Deadliest Catch: The Game is a realistic 3D simulation game with strategic elements, where you get to experience Alaskan king crab catching. Travel to Dutch Harbor by the Bering Sea to become the captain of your own fishing vessel. From sailing, through resource management and logistics, to direct interaction with equipment and the caught crabs – everything is re-created with detailed models and realistic water physics.

This game would be a hit if it were called I’ve Got Crabs.

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Meg, The Next Generation Weight Loss App Is Here


Meg Is A Next Generation Of Dietitian In Your Pocket.

A first-of-its-kind solution, Meg combines the latest proven science, expert coaching and artificial intelligence to your make weight loss success achievable. Meg is a next generation of dietitian. An expert. In your pocket. Fully voice-enabled. Available 24/7.

More Than Science, Meg’s Got Your Back.

We know that achieving your weight loss success is about more than science. We all have good days and well, sometimes not so good days. (One of the guys on our team loves chocolate and, well…you can imagine. With Meg’s help he’s on the one-chocolate-a-day regime and loving it!)

Meg’s has been created to express a personality. Occasionally she’s a little sassy. And, once in a while, she’ll have a little fun at our founder’s expense. But, at her core, we’ve programmed Meg to be supportive and warm. Never judgmental. Just asking that you meet her halfway.

Feeling down? Tell Meg, get a helpful response. Achieve a goal or do something amazing. Get an outrageously positive response! 

Meg’s facial expressions convey many emotions. You’ll see a smile, a look of surprise, an exclamation of amazement and others and perhaps, sometimes, an expression of concern.

Meg has also been trained with feedback mechanisms to keep you motivated. And, she learns all the time from you, and other people too. As she gets to know you better, Meg can help you more each day. In sum, Meg’s got your back. 

Come, meet her now!

I think I’d rather fuck Siri than Meg, even though Siri’s a cunt.

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Cop Stop Guardian Traffic Stop App


Cop Stop Guardian… Curing “Police-Itis” One Stop At A Time!

    Join The Cop Stop Guardian Movement!

In America, there are over a thousand violent to deadly police encounters with American citizens every year. These encounters wreak havoc on the lives of all the people involved and create an air of fear and distrust between citizens and law enforcement, thereby widening the gap of communication and pathways to a better solution. Well, we at Cop Stop Guardian™  feel that we have found a way to close that gap and bring about a practical, beneficial and pro-active solution. 

We all know that Everyone wants to get home safely from any police stop,  citizens AND officers alike, and some of the main obstacles preventing this from happening are…

1. A fear of bodily injury from the Citizen by the officer and vice-versa.

2. An ignorance of one’s own civil rights and proper pull over procedure.

3. Lack of education and awareness of local laws that govern basic police stops 

4. Improper training on behalf of law enforcement on how to lessen tensions without lethal violence.

5. A few bad police officers who do not have the Citizen’s best interest or preservation of rights in mind or at heart.

So Cop Stop Guardian’s Passion and Mission is to Serve as a pathway of communication between law enforcement and citizens during traffic stops until citizens, and police officers, gain the confidence and education to create a permanent relationship of trust, understanding, respect and eventually community between the two. How do we plan to do this you ask? With the Cop Stop Guardian SmartPhone App!

You will be able to use The Cop Stop Guardian App to help you communicate effectively with law enforcement officers at traffic stops so that you may get home Safely, without physical injury or incident.

App Features:

When the App is activated, your camera is turned on and immediately begins recording the police stop. The Cop Stop Call Center is immediately notified and the App user’s phone mic is automatically turned onto speaker mode. The call center operator will notify the officer that the traffic stop is being monitored by a third party video and audio recording service for the safety of both the driver and the officer(s).

The Cop Stop Operator will ask the officer(s) for their name(s) and badge number(s) to submit for verification as well to file charges in case of any misconduct, while simultaneously sending out a #Cop Stop Flash Mob distress signal to other App users within a half a mile radius to Mob the traffic stop for Community support and extra video documentation.

An Alert Notification will also be sent to App users nationwide regarding the traffic stop.

Kevin isn’t thinking outside the box. A lot of cops are open to sexual bribery. He should make an app where users register with their driver’s license, and cops check the app to see if the person they pulled over is willing to suck away a speeding ticket.

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Donations to Relaunch My Blog!


Hey Everyone,

My name is Ashli. I created and founded iam24nowwhat.weebly.com a blog with the mission on shedding light on millennials not following a traditional path in life.  A place for millennials to find inspiration in following their own passions. Along with curated articles focusing on the interests that I  have that included music, beauty, tech, love, and relationships. 

I am currently in the process ofrelaunching my blog into a Lifestyle Blog focusing on inspiration and motivating stories and articles for women,  along with curated articles focusing on beauty, travel,  home decor, and love. I want to provide inspiration for women continuing their education along with self-love articles to push anyone to their best self.  It will be a place for travel destinations and tips.  From relationship and love advice.  This will be a place for all women from women just out of school on a budget to women making boss moves. 

I also want to curate my Lifestyle blog to presenting and finding stories and articles from a diverse range of women as well. 

So I need help with creating amazing:

>Web designs
>Marketing materials
>Launch Party

All of this Cost Money:

Complete Brand + Website Experience= $400.00
Logo = $400.00

Please check out and enjoy my old site and enjoy the content I have created on that!

This is something I am truly passionate about and I want to create and relaunch this Lifestyle Blog to motivate and inspire women along with the ability to create a second income through branding partnerships and affiliates to support a non-profit for Anti-bullying and Self-love in the future. Please help me make my dream come true. I have finically invested money in this blog already so any additional support is truly appreciated. 

Warmest Regards,

Ashli Christmon

If this blog doesn’t succeed, Ashli could always get a job at Cosmo, I mean Costco.

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Tay-Tay’s Ambassadors of Music Europe Tour


Music is unquestionably the language of the people that speaks to the soul. When I was growing up, I’ve always had a love for instruments, and music in general. I had an opportunity to play the violin as part of a music program in my elementary school. That opportunity was short-lived because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for a $20 violin. It didn’t sound much in today’s economy but when you’re from a family of 10 and fresh off the refugee plane during the early 80’s, then it could mean sacrificing a whole week’s meal. After the two-weeks instrument loaner program was over, I declined to participate in the program citing study conflict rather than admitting that it was cost-prohibitive to participate. My dream was shattered, as I opted to join the glee club instead, still showing my admiration for music – aside from the fact that it was free. Fast-forward 35 years later, my own daughter, Taylor, also has this love for instruments and music. Not surprisingly Taylor plays the French horn; one of the most difficult instrument to play. Rather than killing her dreams, I have stood by her decision and supported her every endeavor. Her band has participated in numerous local community events, school games and functions, Disneyland performances, and most recently and notably, her trip to New York to perform in Carnegie Hall. Taylor’s most exciting news yet is when her band director selected her, out of hundreds of band students, to participate in the Ambassadors of Music tour in seven European countries (Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) in the summer of 2020. The tour’s price tag is $6,345; for a duration of two weeks, of which include airfare, hotels accommodations, and only two meals per day. I am hoping to raise $7,000.00 to include the third meal and any unforeseen or incidental costs that may arise. The fundraising will close on November 1, 2019 so I can send the funds raised to the agency, as it is on a strict deadline. This is yet another opportunity for friends and families, and do-gooders, to join me in keeping Taylor’s musical spirit unfettered by monetary constraint. Just know that whether it’s your $1 donation or $1,000 – you are participating in a youth’s dream; that same dream that most of us allowed to pass by because of limitations. I wholeheartedly believe that life without music is a limitation, and life lived with limitations is not living at all. We are most grateful for your every contribution as this will enrich and enhance Taylor’s musical experience. Thank you once again to all the friends, family and relatives, and big-hearted strangers who are joining me in keeping my love of music and vicarious living through Taylor. And every time you hear the sound of music, please feel proud to know that you share the future of many youths who would otherwise wouldn’t have this opportunity without your generosity. Blessed!

Taylor will do just fine in Europe. She’ll be doing the French horn lip position when she gives her first uncircumcised blowjob.

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Donny the Kid


Donald transforms from a struggling salesman to the best bounty hunter in the wild west.

Short Summary

Donald Banks is a paranoid schizophrenic who struggles to stay employed. After a traumatic mugging at the hands of “The Bandit”, he starts down the path to becoming his true self: Donny the kid, the best bounty hunter in the wild west.

Hi, I’m Spencer Crane. I’ve been working on this short story since freshman year of college, and after four years of studying and writing, I finally get to bring it to life as my senior thesis.

That won’t be possible without your help. With your support, we will be able to hire professional actors, rent the lights, lenses, costumes, and props we need to perfect our images, and ensure the hard-working crew of volunteers stays happy and healthy throughout production.

Your support would truly mean the world to me and my team. Together we’re gonna make one heck of a film.

Parents need to start disowning their kids when they say they want to work in film.

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Pork Chop


Pork Chop: A Senior Thesis

The Story

Zoe, a sixteen-year-old, and Tom, her blue-collar middle-aged father, get to know each other for the first time. 

The film takes places over the course of one night in the beginning of their legally-required relationship. They watch TV together, go grocery shopping together, and make a meal together. All for the first time.

Is it wrong that I got a boner reading this?

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Assassin Roomate Season 1


A full color, 120+ page comic about an unlikely pair of roommates who maybe experience love, arguments, and murdery things together.

Hey everyone! This is Monica, I’m the creator of Assassin Roommate, and welcome to our very first Kickstarter for it! (insert Dino Hood roars!) I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this and how flippin’ excited I am to make it a reality! Okay, *ahem*, professional voice:

 For those of you who may not (yet!) be familiar with the comic, Assassin Roommate is about two polar opposite people who are thrust together as roommates after college. One is a nerdy, introverted gal who’s all about inside time, and the other is an extroverted, former frat guy whose home away from home is the bar down the street. Which starts off great for two people who want nothing to do with one another! But soon time and circumstances, … and dinosaur shows and shirtless moments and kitchen dances and suspicious reflexes … start to change things between them. For better? Or worse? For romance? Or for DANGER?? You’ll have to read to find out!

This is worse than ‘Richard McBeef’ by the Virginia Tech shooter.

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Help Autumn


This is Autumn. She was hit by a car on 9/11 and has severe nerve damage to her front right leg it just drags around. She needs to have it amputated … This little cat has been through so much before she was abandoned with my family and we just want to do what we can to make sure she is happy and healthy and lives a long life after enduring such trauma. Any donation is appreciated thank you so much.

At least she wasn’t hit by a plane.

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