Retired looking for work part time (Rehoboth)

50 years old. Looking for part time job/gig. Dog walker, pet sitter. Registry runner for dealership. Interior painting. Light carpentry. Personal assistant. Run sand box equipment. ???? I have a portable sawmill you may have need for. Open to ideas.

You’re not retired if you’re looking for work. You just like that title because it sounds like you’re some wise Yoda who’s been through it all.

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Seeking Data Entry/Bookkeeping/Clerical Position – 80 wpm typing speed (Remote)

Seeking a WORK FROM HOME/REMOTE position for data entry, bookkeeping, or clerical type position.

I will only work under the table.
If you’re the kind of fool who thinks a background check is an accurate measure of a person’s integrity…keep scrolling.
I am the most honest, loyal, and hardworking people you will ever meet. Especially loyal if you treat me with respect.
I have very good computer skills and type at a speed of 80 wpm.

I am looking for someone that will pay me on time and has a reliable and consistent work load.
I am looking for something long term preferably.

I’d like to hire you as a janitor because you wanted to work under the table. You can also work under the toilet.

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You should have said alchy-gator. You should get the death penalty for saying methagator.

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Are you in marketing? I have your bonus check! (New York)

I recently launched a multi-service company that provides its clients website design, Iphone/Android App development, CMS, Shopping Carts and so on.
I have offices in New York as well as abroad running my operations. What I am searching for is a potential partner who is in marketing and can help me to become web service provider for your organization. I guarantee you compensation 25% from every project and absolute confidentiality.
Email me for additional information if interested, serious candidates only please

Isn’t it great how people overinflate their professional situation? “I have a multi-service company that provides its clients with web development. I have offices in New York.” Translation: I know how to use GoDaddy and I have a shitty apartment.

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AI Sperm donor please

We are looking for a sperm donor to do Artificial insemination you must send a picture. We are looking for someone to help us until we get pregnant. We don’t want to do Natural Insemination we will only do artificial insemination. This is how we will do it the donor will put their sperm in a container that we will provide and we will do the rest of the work. we are not looking for a co parent or anyone to have sex with us so if that’s your intentions please don’t reach out to us we are a lesbian couple trying to have a baby. When we get pregnant we will reward you for time and effort! Can you please the ages twenty one to thirty years old thank you

All you have to do is rub your vagina on the keyboard of anyone that contacts you.

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John McAnally

Vice Admiral John Henry Stuart McAnally CB LVO (born 9 April 1945) is a former Royal Navy officer who became Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies.

Naval career

McAnally was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy on 1 September 1964. He served on HMY Britannia from 1980 and commanded successively the frigates HMS Torquay and HMS Alacrity from 1984. He then became Commanding Officer successively of the frigates HMS Ariadne and HMS Hermione as well as Captain of the 6th Frigate Squadron from 1987. He went on to be Assistant Director of Naval Plans in 1989, Director of Naval Logistics Policy in 1993 and Director of Naval Staff Duties in 1994. After that he became Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment in 1996 and Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1998 before he retired in 2001. In retirement he became an advisor to Flagship Training and is the current chairman of the Naval and Military Club in London.

Insert gay Navy joke here.

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Video Editor

Filmmaker with a feature film internationally distributed via Amazon Prime Video, Roku TV, and Google Play.

Experience in:
– Editing video with Adobe Premiere Pro and
– Editing audio with Logic Pro X

Interested in editing acting reels, short films, commercials, industrial videos, and feature films.

Flexible with all budgets (except of course “no budget”) I am not looking for “credit only” or “deferred pay” gigs.

Thank you

Everything on the internet is internationally distributed. This Craigslist ad is internationally distributed.

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