The Institute of Magical Historicity–2#/

Help launch our website – and receive a series of podcasts containing original stories and music.

If this campaign is successful, the Institute of Magical Historicity’s President (Benjamin Wachs) and Dean of Aesthetics (Ariel Cruz) will create a 15-episode podcast series (“Dispatches”) that will be free and available to the public. 

Each episode will be a fable, written and read by Benjamin, over an original score – composed especially for that story – by Ariel.  That’s it.  Pure storytelling.  The creation of a new canon of contemporary fables. 

The greater your investment in this shared project, the more ways you can engage with us in this shared world:  you can have a character named after you;  you can get a staff position at the Institute;  you can offer prompts for stories;  you can be thanked in episodes … there’s a whole world of ways you can engage, if together we make this happen.

“What a creepy cult.” -Charles Manson

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CD-Trip is a short film shot on 16mm – a surrealist descent into 90’s computer hacking madness.

CD-Trip centers on a young woman who becomes sucked into a kind of cryptic game involving computer programming and the primitive Internet of 1997. 

The film is a surreal and impressionistic look at the time period and the experience of becoming engrossed in a pursuit.

And so it was said, the star thespian must show her taco to save the film.

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The 30 Ruler 2.0 : One Ruler To Rule Them All

A laser engraved, aerospace aluminum ruler at a practical 30° angle. For designers and for everyone.

The 30° Ruler is BACK !

After a successful Indiegogo The 30° Ruler 1.0, £21,327 funded with 920 backers and delivered 3000+ rulers, we wanted to visualized things through new size [20cm], new feature [start at zero] and more… 

The trick to selling rulers is to put softness at the edge, so they can press harder to get extra inches. Also, don’t have it start at zero. It’s about making the customers feel good about themselves.

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STRANDED is an action packed, survival of the fittest Creature Feature! Filled with suspense, horror and 100% practical gore FX and stunts, this film will deliver a new level of terror!

It doesn’t take a phycologist. Shawn Burkett is stranded career-wise.

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Necrofugitive: A Medieval Horror Action Platformer

Escape justice as an evil shapeshifter on the run in this brutal 2D action platformer!

Necrofugitive is a brutal 2D action platformer about the prison escape of an evil shapeshifter and his attempts to evade the realm’s justice. Fight, sneak, morph, and claw your way through pursuing lawmen and merciless bounty hunters in your desperate bid for freedom!

I can’t wait for the sequel, Pedofugitive.

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The Queer Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

An anthology of queer romance stories featuring the great detective.

Carnation Books is an independent publisher.

We work exclusively with fanfiction authors to publish original works of fiction that feature LGBTQIA+ romance.

We started Carnation Books because we love fandom.

We believe that fanfiction writers are the hardest-working, most talented writers on Earth, and we want to help them share their work with readers outside of fandom.

The Queer Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

will be our first Sherlock Holmes collection, and will feature the work of well known fanfiction authors who for years have been expressing their adoration for this timeless character through transformative works. We are proud to bring some of their best stories to you in the form of a curated collection of queer romance offering a variety of genres.

Sherlock Homo. That’s not a pipe.

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Help Save Divine Dips Vegan Ice Cream From Closing


Beloved Vegan Ice Cream Shoppe in DTLA is in danger of going out of Business.  Help keep them in business!!

Last year while out with friends, I happened on a bright, modern little ice cream shop in Downtown Los Angeles called DIVINE DIPS Vegan Ice Creme.  The ice cream was the best I’d ever had, and even more impressive, everything in the shop was 100% VEGAN!!! I quickly became a regular and fell in love with the shop and the owner/creator Diane Jacobs , or Ms. Diane, as I like to call her.

What really impressed me were the incredible flavors and textures she creates with absolutely no dairy, eggs, or animal products. As an MD, I think a more plant-based diet is something we should aspire to, for health purposes, as well as animal rights and environmental considerations.

Like a lot of minority small business owners, Ms. Diane opened the store on little to no capital, hoping to find an investor of like mind to help grow and expand the business. 

Unfortunately, the shop, which is critically acclaimed (see the yelp and google business reviews!!) has not grown quickly enough, has not found the like-minded investment partner, and is making about 30% of what is needed to just break-even.

A year of making less than needed has finally caught up with Divine Dips, without your help, there will be no more Divine Dips.  Mounting debt, inability to pay rent, unexpected exorbitant landlord fees added to the rent, not enough money to get ingredients, not enough to hire staff.  Ms Diane has made the ultimate sacrifice, as she has been making the ice crème and running the store without taking a salary of any kind for MORE THAN A YEAR!!! Now she’s in danger of losing her shop to eviction and her home to foreclosure.


This place needs a new flavor. How about veal sorbet?

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The Prisoner’s Apothecary

A plant-based, travelling apothecary designed by prisoners that helps us rethink America’s reliance on punishment and control.

The Prisoner’s Apothecary is a mobile healing unit ( or “Plantbulance”) that transforms the plants from The Solitary Gardens into medicine for communities most deeply impacted by the insidious reach of mass incarceration. The Prisoner’s Apothecary will produce natural medicine, tea, tinctures, steams, and salves. As the medicine is designed by folks who are incarcerated, incarcerated individuals will have a unique opportunity to heal the communities they are often accused of harming.

At least the tea leaves are from solitary and not general population. In order to survive in prison, you have to join a tea gang where you can grow black tea, white tea, or Latino tea. If you don’t, you’ll be drinking Earl Gay.

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VEGETABLE CASHMERE™ – Athleisure by KD New York

Luxurious. Stylish. Comfortable. New soy-based fabric. Looks/feels EXACTLY like cashmere. Sustainable. Biodegradable. Washable.

If you love the luxurious feel of fine cashmere AND you care about the Earth, you will love Vegetable Cashmere™ by KD New York.  As a true plant-based alternative to traditional animal fiber cashmere, Vegetable Cashmere™ is a smart choice for you and for our planet. 

You should make clothes out of drooling vegetables.

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