Stop Blackballing

Most companies would not intentionally commit fraud, yet they routinely support fraud by blackballing whistleblowers.  This is not an abstract problem.  The big 4 accounting firms (Deloitte, PWC, EY and KPMG) employ over a million people.  Zero are known whistleblowers.  I wrote to 50 partners in each of the big 4 firms and challenged them to defend their record on blackballing.  They didn’t even try.  I have been looking for about a year, and I cannot find a single example of a major company hiring a whistleblower.  I found an RBS position called “Head of Whistleblowing and Speak Up.”  The person in that position is not a whistleblower.  The Fortune 500 has about 25 million employees – not one is a known whistleblower.  Blackballing is real.  

I ran into an old business colleague. I said “I haven’t seen you around. How come you haven’t been in the game?” He said “I was blackballed.” A week later I saw him come out of a sexual assault victims support group. I asked him what happened. He said “I already told you. I was blackballed. Tyrone teabagged me.”

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