PrePark – It’s like Uber for your driveway!

PrePark is a new app that will change the way we park, forever.

PrePark is an application that will allow people who have an available parking space to rent it to people who need it, in exchange for an affordable fee, paid to the person renting out their space. The idea is mostly appropriate to areas close to locations where people gather frequently for large events and in areas where parking is generally too hard to find or too expensive. 

The application will make the process of advertising or finding a space stress free and profitable or cost effective depending on which type of end user you are. 

Users who want to advertise their available parking spaces will be able to do so within a few clicks, using mapping technology to find their address and location on a map. Users will have the ability to add a description and Image of the space as well decide upon their own price.

I’m gonna teach you about business. I’m sure when you first aspired to be an entrepreneur, you wanted to rule the world. At some point, somebody planted the “you’ve got to be realistic” seed in your head. One night you had the epiphany “I’m gonna take over the parking industry!” Nobody thinks about parking when they’re not parking. A good spot doesn’t really improve your life, and walking is good. My advice is to do heroin to numb the emotional pain. You’re never gonna take over the world of parking, but someday you’ll be a great park rapist.

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