Dear Society: Women Shouldn’t Have To Dress Modestly To Be Respected Or To ‘Avoid’ Rape

Reducing the complexity of a woman to her body or equating her character to the way she dresses has been a damaging way to deny women their humanity and to victim-shame survivors of sexual assault and rape. In public schools, young girls across the country have been kicked out of proms and being suspended from school for wearing clothing that was deemed too “revealing” and distracting, sometimes in light of overly rigid dress codes.  Unsurprisingly, the common targets of such policing tend to be women and it’s sadly only a microcosm of a larger culture in which women’s bodies and clothing choices are perpetually policed and shamed.

A man is on trial for rape. The prosecution says in their opening statement “We have evidence that you raped this woman.” The defense says in their opening statement “You shouldn’t have worn that skirt, bitch!” The jury finds the defendant not guilty. How come?

There was an audio recording of the accuser detailing how she was gonna frame the defendant, from a live mic that was put on one of her skirts.

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