Make 100 Blackout Poems

One hundred blackout poems that I will make and send to you.

Project image for Make 100 Blackout Poems

What the hell is a blackout poem?

Hello, yes, great question. A blackout or cross-out poem is where you take a marker to already established text and cross things out/redact items until a poem is formed.

Why am I doing this?

Mostly because art is cool. But also because I like to write poems, and I compile so much damn paper from receipts to letters to bus tickets to ads, etc etc etc – and one day I started making them into poems. It started just out of boredom and exploration, but it became a fun exercise to try and create art from such simple things that initially seem unassuming. 

A blackout poem I made from a piece of junk mail from Geico

I wonder if you can get anything from the sentence “I give a fuck about children.

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