I AM KIND: Songs for Unique Kids


My name is Lindsay.  I’m a children’s musician, singer/songwriter and mom of three wonderful kids, and all three have autism. This album is very dear to my heart. It was inspired by seeing my kids’ daily triumphs and struggles. I wrote these songs for my own kids and all other neurodiverse children, unique kids with disabilities or differences. They are songs that celebrate children for who they are and encourage them to love and believe in themselves.

“I Am Kind” and “Every One of Us Belongs” are empowering songs of self love, acceptance, and inclusivity. I am also including songs that can help kids in areas that may be challenging for them. Some of the songs on the album encourage kids to try new foods, be problem solvers, or ask for help. One song reassures them that “it’s ok to make mistakes.” I have chosen all the songs for this album including 10 originals. Music is such a powerful, universal language. I know this album will touch the hearts of many children and bring them joy and love while helping them learn and grow. It will empower them with self-reg and self advocacy skills. I’m so excited to share these songs, but I need your help to make this album a reality. 

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