Fuck Heroin Foundation


My name is Frankie and this is my mom, Lesha. Together we formed a foundation called “Fuck Heroin” helping drug addicts get the treatment they need to recover and also help educate their families about addiction, and assisting in interventions. My mom and I both went through our fair share of struggles with this crippling disease and now we just want to give back to the community. Treatment costs a lot of money and some people do not have the funds or resources to get help. We have been paying for people to fly from whatever state they are from to come to Delray Beach, FL because it is the recovery capital of the world and the best help is here. We have actually ran ourselves broke trying to help people get into rehabs and halfway houses. We are not trying to make money off of the suffering, all the donations go towards helping these addicts get help, transport them to the proper facility, and pay for aftercare.

I’m starting a foundation to get people to stop using the F word. We’re selling heroin to raise money. 

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