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END UNDERCOVER DRUG STINGS IN SCHOOLS. Support the lawsuit of an autistic student who was entrapped and arrested by an undercover officer.

At 8:30 a.m. on December 11th, 2012, armed police officers rushed into our son’s classroom at Chaparral High School in Temecula, CA. He was handcuffed in front of his classmates, taken away, medically probed, interrogated without a lawyer, booked, and then locked up. We knew nothing about this until we called the school that afternoon at 3:45, after our son had not returned home. We were not allowed to see him until two days later, in court, and the look in his eyes will forever haunt us.

In August 2012, he transferred to a new school after we moved. We were amazed that he immediately made a new friend named Daniel who was in his art class. To the other students, Daniel became known as Deputy Dan, because, to them, he was clearly an undercover cop. 

Our son was an easy target for Deputy Dan. Diagnosed with autism at age 5, he also has bipolar, Tourette’s, and anxiety disorders. Autism is a disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication. He has tremendous difficulty making friends.

Deputy Dan asked our son to sell him his prescription medicine, but since we keep it locked away, he refused. On the second day of school, Deputy Dan gave our son $20, with a demand to get him marijuana, and began to text him around the clock. During this time our son received 60 text messages from Deputy Dan. On the fourth day of school, after art class, under constant pressure, our son burned himself badly and was sent to the school nurse. He is self-injurious which was noted in his student records. Three weeks later, desperate to keep his new friend, he provided Deputy Dan with about a half-joint of marijuana. 

The majority of Deputy Dan’s busts at Chaparral High were special education students. Deputy Dan’s stated goal was to identify and purchase illegal drugs from persons dealing on the high school campus. Our son is not a drug dealer.

Your autistic son could’ve been tricked into doing something worse. You’re lucky Deputy Dan prefers eye contact when he’s getting blown.

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