Our mission is simple – we are three LA based friends who want to shift how society (particularly women) fear sports. They aren’t educated on it, they aren’t encouraged to understand the games, and they aren’t inspired to talk about it. Our goal is to break the stereotype and talk about Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey with other women who do not know much about sports and making it a party – every hour will be an hour of us drinking / smoking with our guests and talking about the most recent events in sports with our guests. Picture “Guys we F****d” meets “Drunk History” meets “ESPN” meets 2019 feminism meets “TMZ”. It’s needed, it’s now, and it’s going to be your weekly power hour of information, laughs, and community.

Your funds will directly help us by going into paying for our equipment to start our PODCAST called TouchMeDown, pay our team who will be making out music, editing our videos, doing our make up, and making us US. 

Women are experts on MLB, Manipulating Lotta Boys.

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