Panther Wrestling Club Start-up

Valued supporter,

The Panther Wrestling Club’s mission is to provide a healthy environment for the youth of our community. Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character and discipline, promote teamwork, and advocate citizenship and community pride. 

As a non-profit start-up, The Panther Wrestling Club has had the difficult task of prioritizing our expenses so we can be able to start our first season as a club this fall (October 2019). The general necessities like equipment, uniforms and insurance can be quite costly, and continue to escalate. The cost for each child averages to $200 season (equipment, tournament fees and USA Wrestling insurance); we are projecting to house 25 to 30 youths this upcoming fall. At Panther WC, no child is turned away and definitely not because of their financial need, we feel that every child deserves the opportunity to take part in our great sport. Our top priority is to welcome every child to our club.

We hope to be able to provide our youth with the essential equipment that will help them have a sense of pride as they compete on the mat. We depend greatly in our local businesses, sponsors, and fundraising to be able to accomplish our goal. We depend on our community relationships to help us make every season a memorable one. We hope that this is the commencement of an inspiring alliance and together we can continue to provide the World’s Oldest Sport with pride, to our community.

Any kind of donation you would be able to make towards our club to help us achieve our goals, will be greatly appreciated!

You don’t need much to start a wrestling club, just a mat and a mop to clean the cum.

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