Cognizance – Brenda Carsey’s Next Studio Album

My second in depth album and art project! Exploring community, love, fear, & awareness.

Hello! My name is Brenda Carsey. The art I create and what inspires me to the core is music and community.  

I find myself drawn to a path of service through creating safe spaces for people of all walks of life to come together, be themselves, and make friends. It wasn’t until recently that I accepted my passion for Creating and Holding space for others as part of my art. When my partner Will first told me that community was at the very center of who I am as an artist I didn’t believe him. I told him “Bringing people together is not art, it’s just logistics and planning and a fun hobby”. But now, two years down the line since he shared those words with me, I see what he truly meant. My art is community and the medium I work in and share that through is music. Music is my absolute joy and is my way of connecting with others.

That’s not what Will meant when he said you should bring people together. Everyone knows orgies are the best way to network in the music business.

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