A Hyper Minimal Calendar for 2020


We live in confusing times, with everything coming at us lightning fast. It’s almost the year 2020 after all. 

And our personal lives have so much going on. Last year, I was looking for a calendar where I could see the entire year in advance and plan my professional work as a designer, my dad duties, and another rather large Kickstarter. And there wasn’t anything particularly attractive or usable. So here we are.

It’s useful to think of my time in terms of weeks, Saturdays and Sundays belong together, and I didn’t like how sometimes a new month would cut a week in half. (OCD designer yes). And there are some designy calendars that look cool or interesting, but require too much brain power to decode. 

The goal was to create a beautiful object that was also usable.

The only thing on this geek’s schedule is jerking off to hentai. His calendar wasn’t originally white.

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