The Queer Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

An anthology of queer romance stories featuring the great detective.

Carnation Books is an independent publisher.

We work exclusively with fanfiction authors to publish original works of fiction that feature LGBTQIA+ romance.

We started Carnation Books because we love fandom.

We believe that fanfiction writers are the hardest-working, most talented writers on Earth, and we want to help them share their work with readers outside of fandom.

The Queer Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

will be our first Sherlock Holmes collection, and will feature the work of well known fanfiction authors who for years have been expressing their adoration for this timeless character through transformative works. We are proud to bring some of their best stories to you in the form of a curated collection of queer romance offering a variety of genres.

Sherlock Homo. That’s not a pipe.

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