The Prisoner’s Apothecary

A plant-based, travelling apothecary designed by prisoners that helps us rethink America’s reliance on punishment and control.

The Prisoner’s Apothecary is a mobile healing unit ( or “Plantbulance”) that transforms the plants from The Solitary Gardens into medicine for communities most deeply impacted by the insidious reach of mass incarceration. The Prisoner’s Apothecary will produce natural medicine, tea, tinctures, steams, and salves. As the medicine is designed by folks who are incarcerated, incarcerated individuals will have a unique opportunity to heal the communities they are often accused of harming.

At least the tea leaves are from solitary and not general population. In order to survive in prison, you have to join a tea gang where you can grow black tea, white tea, or Latino tea. If you don’t, you’ll be drinking Earl Gay.

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