Help Save Divine Dips Vegan Ice Cream From Closing


Beloved Vegan Ice Cream Shoppe in DTLA is in danger of going out of Business.  Help keep them in business!!

Last year while out with friends, I happened on a bright, modern little ice cream shop in Downtown Los Angeles called DIVINE DIPS Vegan Ice Creme.  The ice cream was the best I’d ever had, and even more impressive, everything in the shop was 100% VEGAN!!! I quickly became a regular and fell in love with the shop and the owner/creator Diane Jacobs , or Ms. Diane, as I like to call her.

What really impressed me were the incredible flavors and textures she creates with absolutely no dairy, eggs, or animal products. As an MD, I think a more plant-based diet is something we should aspire to, for health purposes, as well as animal rights and environmental considerations.

Like a lot of minority small business owners, Ms. Diane opened the store on little to no capital, hoping to find an investor of like mind to help grow and expand the business. 

Unfortunately, the shop, which is critically acclaimed (see the yelp and google business reviews!!) has not grown quickly enough, has not found the like-minded investment partner, and is making about 30% of what is needed to just break-even.

A year of making less than needed has finally caught up with Divine Dips, without your help, there will be no more Divine Dips.  Mounting debt, inability to pay rent, unexpected exorbitant landlord fees added to the rent, not enough money to get ingredients, not enough to hire staff.  Ms Diane has made the ultimate sacrifice, as she has been making the ice crème and running the store without taking a salary of any kind for MORE THAN A YEAR!!! Now she’s in danger of losing her shop to eviction and her home to foreclosure.


This place needs a new flavor. How about veal sorbet?


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