Twists and Tales

A hilariously original storytelling card game, written by 19 children and young people from literacy charity, Grimm & Co.

Have you ever wanted jumpstart your imagination? Or to laugh until your sides ached? Do you dream of hearing a jaw-dropping story, the likes of which has never been told before? Or feeling gloriously smug about being cleverer, funnier, and generally more brilliant than your family and friends? Have you ever wanted a spark of inspiration that can help you to write, or draw, or dream?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then we have the game for you!  

Twists and Tales is a hilariously original story-telling game, created by children and young people from Grimm & Co. Full of prodigious prompts to unleash your imagination and get your creativity cogs spinning, Twists and Tales will inspire you to open your mind and thrill the world with stories and wonder.  With your support, we can bring this project to life and share this brilliant game with a wider audience.

These lih-oh Brits don’t give a fuck the game. They enjoy the food, and the parents enjoy the cashola.

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