The First Zero Waste Movie

A romantic-comedy about one wild night in Philly, to be filmed without making any trash. Zero waste!

A Revolution Behind The Camera

Behind the scenes, Hollywood is full of trash – from disposable sets to disposable water bottles.  We believe there is a more sustainable way to entertain! This fall, we are going to produce the very first Zero Waste movie – which means we aim to collect less than 16 ounces of trash over the entire course of making the film, from start to finish.  That’s basically a jar of spaghetti sauce.

  • For the last three years, we have been making all our videos, short films and music videos without generating trash for the landfill.
  • We have 15 years of experience in the film industry, two masters degrees, and multiple awards!
  • With some incredibly talented actors on board (including Alice Kremelberg, Orange is the New Black; Alexis Floyd, The Bold Type) we know this movie will entertain for years to come.

Together we can change the wasteful ways of Hollywood. We can prove there is a new way to delight and entertain audiences – sustainably, and with respect for future generations! Join us, won’t you?

The only trash is the movie.

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