Tay-Tay’s Ambassadors of Music Europe Tour


Music is unquestionably the language of the people that speaks to the soul. When I was growing up, I’ve always had a love for instruments, and music in general. I had an opportunity to play the violin as part of a music program in my elementary school. That opportunity was short-lived because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for a $20 violin. It didn’t sound much in today’s economy but when you’re from a family of 10 and fresh off the refugee plane during the early 80’s, then it could mean sacrificing a whole week’s meal. After the two-weeks instrument loaner program was over, I declined to participate in the program citing study conflict rather than admitting that it was cost-prohibitive to participate. My dream was shattered, as I opted to join the glee club instead, still showing my admiration for music – aside from the fact that it was free. Fast-forward 35 years later, my own daughter, Taylor, also has this love for instruments and music. Not surprisingly Taylor plays the French horn; one of the most difficult instrument to play. Rather than killing her dreams, I have stood by her decision and supported her every endeavor. Her band has participated in numerous local community events, school games and functions, Disneyland performances, and most recently and notably, her trip to New York to perform in Carnegie Hall. Taylor’s most exciting news yet is when her band director selected her, out of hundreds of band students, to participate in the Ambassadors of Music tour in seven European countries (Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) in the summer of 2020. The tour’s price tag is $6,345; for a duration of two weeks, of which include airfare, hotels accommodations, and only two meals per day. I am hoping to raise $7,000.00 to include the third meal and any unforeseen or incidental costs that may arise. The fundraising will close on November 1, 2019 so I can send the funds raised to the agency, as it is on a strict deadline. This is yet another opportunity for friends and families, and do-gooders, to join me in keeping Taylor’s musical spirit unfettered by monetary constraint. Just know that whether it’s your $1 donation or $1,000 – you are participating in a youth’s dream; that same dream that most of us allowed to pass by because of limitations. I wholeheartedly believe that life without music is a limitation, and life lived with limitations is not living at all. We are most grateful for your every contribution as this will enrich and enhance Taylor’s musical experience. Thank you once again to all the friends, family and relatives, and big-hearted strangers who are joining me in keeping my love of music and vicarious living through Taylor. And every time you hear the sound of music, please feel proud to know that you share the future of many youths who would otherwise wouldn’t have this opportunity without your generosity. Blessed!

Taylor will do just fine in Europe. She’ll be doing the French horn lip position when she gives her first uncircumcised blowjob.

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