Meg, The Next Generation Weight Loss App Is Here

Meg Is A Next Generation Of Dietitian In Your Pocket.

A first-of-its-kind solution, Meg combines the latest proven science, expert coaching and artificial intelligence to your make weight loss success achievable. Meg is a next generation of dietitian. An expert. In your pocket. Fully voice-enabled. Available 24/7.

More Than Science, Meg’s Got Your Back.

We know that achieving your weight loss success is about more than science. We all have good days and well, sometimes not so good days. (One of the guys on our team loves chocolate and, well…you can imagine. With Meg’s help he’s on the one-chocolate-a-day regime and loving it!)

Meg’s has been created to express a personality. Occasionally she’s a little sassy. And, once in a while, she’ll have a little fun at our founder’s expense. But, at her core, we’ve programmed Meg to be supportive and warm. Never judgmental. Just asking that you meet her halfway.

Feeling down? Tell Meg, get a helpful response. Achieve a goal or do something amazing. Get an outrageously positive response! 

Meg’s facial expressions convey many emotions. You’ll see a smile, a look of surprise, an exclamation of amazement and others and perhaps, sometimes, an expression of concern.

Meg has also been trained with feedback mechanisms to keep you motivated. And, she learns all the time from you, and other people too. As she gets to know you better, Meg can help you more each day. In sum, Meg’s got your back. 

Come, meet her now!

I think I’d rather fuck Siri than Meg, even though Siri’s a cunt.

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