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Cop Stop Guardian… Curing “Police-Itis” One Stop At A Time!

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In America, there are over a thousand violent to deadly police encounters with American citizens every year. These encounters wreak havoc on the lives of all the people involved and create an air of fear and distrust between citizens and law enforcement, thereby widening the gap of communication and pathways to a better solution. Well, we at Cop Stop Guardian™  feel that we have found a way to close that gap and bring about a practical, beneficial and pro-active solution. 

We all know that Everyone wants to get home safely from any police stop,  citizens AND officers alike, and some of the main obstacles preventing this from happening are…

1. A fear of bodily injury from the Citizen by the officer and vice-versa.

2. An ignorance of one’s own civil rights and proper pull over procedure.

3. Lack of education and awareness of local laws that govern basic police stops 

4. Improper training on behalf of law enforcement on how to lessen tensions without lethal violence.

5. A few bad police officers who do not have the Citizen’s best interest or preservation of rights in mind or at heart.

So Cop Stop Guardian’s Passion and Mission is to Serve as a pathway of communication between law enforcement and citizens during traffic stops until citizens, and police officers, gain the confidence and education to create a permanent relationship of trust, understanding, respect and eventually community between the two. How do we plan to do this you ask? With the Cop Stop Guardian SmartPhone App!

You will be able to use The Cop Stop Guardian App to help you communicate effectively with law enforcement officers at traffic stops so that you may get home Safely, without physical injury or incident.

App Features:

When the App is activated, your camera is turned on and immediately begins recording the police stop. The Cop Stop Call Center is immediately notified and the App user’s phone mic is automatically turned onto speaker mode. The call center operator will notify the officer that the traffic stop is being monitored by a third party video and audio recording service for the safety of both the driver and the officer(s).

The Cop Stop Operator will ask the officer(s) for their name(s) and badge number(s) to submit for verification as well to file charges in case of any misconduct, while simultaneously sending out a #Cop Stop Flash Mob distress signal to other App users within a half a mile radius to Mob the traffic stop for Community support and extra video documentation.

An Alert Notification will also be sent to App users nationwide regarding the traffic stop.

Kevin isn’t thinking outside the box. A lot of cops are open to sexual bribery. He should make an app where users register with their driver’s license, and cops check the app to see if the person they pulled over is willing to suck away a speeding ticket.

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