The story of a man, a bear, love, and deception.


Howdy folks!  Thanks for checking out our Indiegogo page!  We are raising money for our capstone short film Bear With Me.  Here’s a little bit about the story:  After getting dumped, a hapless college student unhappily winds up in the arms of a cuddly bear.  Sounds like something that you want to see, right?  Well, by helping us out, not only will you get the film one step closer to completion, you’ll help the filmmakers graduate from college, which our parents will be extra excited about.  Here’s who we’ve got working on the film:

Dan O’Keefe Writer & Director

Dan is excited to make this film because he wrote it, and he finally has an excuse to purchase a large bear.

Let’s all help Dan O’Keefe get a bear because he’s sick of twinks.

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