Assassin Roomate Season 1

A full color, 120+ page comic about an unlikely pair of roommates who maybe experience love, arguments, and murdery things together.

Hey everyone! This is Monica, I’m the creator of Assassin Roommate, and welcome to our very first Kickstarter for it! (insert Dino Hood roars!) I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this and how flippin’ excited I am to make it a reality! Okay, *ahem*, professional voice:

 For those of you who may not (yet!) be familiar with the comic, Assassin Roommate is about two polar opposite people who are thrust together as roommates after college. One is a nerdy, introverted gal who’s all about inside time, and the other is an extroverted, former frat guy whose home away from home is the bar down the street. Which starts off great for two people who want nothing to do with one another! But soon time and circumstances, … and dinosaur shows and shirtless moments and kitchen dances and suspicious reflexes … start to change things between them. For better? Or worse? For romance? Or for DANGER?? You’ll have to read to find out!

This comic book is worse than the Virginia Tech shooter’s play.

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