My workstation computer was stolen


My sister’s newborn, 1-month-old baby has cataracts in her eyes. Also one eye is smaller than the other. We’ve been in and out of the hospital for two weeks. We went to the hospital the other day with my friend’s car. I put my work computer in the trunk of the car. They stole my computer from the trunk of the car. The cops are calling, but they can’t be found because there’s no camera. This computer is my business. You know, the same thing as a workplace being burned or robbed. I can’t make money without a computer. I don’t have financial competence because my business is bad these days. I need a computer to work. You can review my work at I have been working in the sector for 10 years and working freelance. Can you help me get my job back?

If you need money so bad, put that crazy eyed baby in the circus.

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