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Help bring my entertaining, common-sense and in-depth commentaries to a wider audience!

If you are from Michigan or Ohio, you may have been reading my work or listening to my radio or TV broadcasts for years.

Well, now I want to go on bringing you the story behind the stories behind the stories and do it with what is an exciting new medium for me, my podcasts.  You can view a number of them on my YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvvBpEVH6aDSt…

Listen to my revealing interview with Geoffrey Fieger, the truth behind the new bill which is supposed to fix Michigan’s car insurance problems, and meet a young woman activist whose efforts to save Lake Erie were so impressive she was asked to speak before the United Nations. 

I have a vast and unique perspective on this state, this nation, and the world, and have covered everything from the fall of Marcos in the Philippines to the old Soviet Union.  I know a lot of stories that haven’t been told, at least in full, and want to go on telling you about things both fascinating and which you need to know.

But like any other kind of new venture, it takes funding to get this up and running and keep things rolling. That’s why I’m reaching to all of my friends to help me to keep doing what I do best by making a donation to this fundraising campaign.  You can do so either by name or anonymously. Any amount is welcome and appreciated – and I will be happy to mention anyone’s name on the podcast who pledges at least $100. For a donation of $500, we’ll have lunch and some great discussion together. If you’re feeling especially helpful and generous, for a donation of support of $1,000 or more, I’d be happy to speak to your group or organization followed by a Meet & Greet. 

If you’re interested in supporting as a sponsor or benefactor on a longer-term basis, please contact me. bucca@aol.com

I’ve been doing noncompromising and award-winning journalism since 1977, and I hope you will take this opportunity to help me keep doing it. Thank you for your support!

Jack Lessenberry is a podstitute.

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