Affectionate hugs can bring miracles – Strictly platonic (Upper West Side)

Good morning, 

Feel lonely and just need a hug or some one to cuddle with. ….
I’m your girl strictly platonic just a regular Session of cuddling, snuggling, conversation, friendly massage, platonic outside dates to dinner, movies, etc. Any platonic activity you would do with a friend is acceptable. Please note This is not a free service even though it’s strictly platonic with no sex involved just the touch of a woman whether we are hugging, cuddling being loving and affectionate. 

Affectionate hugs can make miracles, I really value the human touch, sharing great moments and experiences with people and learn about them. I’m a free spirited, open minded, warm and sweet person, great listener, love snuggling and feel close to another person. I enjoy travel and meeting new people and places, listening music, cooking, and watching movies.

I love to bring positive energy to others and be a great listener. It’s very important to support people in finding inner and outer peace. I love to smile and brighten others day with my big heart and an open mind. I am an eclectic, versatile, artistic looking to create more joy and peace in the world — one hug at a time. Whether you’re in the mood for a thorough cuddling and a chance to relax without expectations, a friendly outing, great conversations, comfortable silences, or if you’re simply seeking a new experience — I am here for you. 

When we’re together we can talk about favorite colors. I’m guessing yours is blue because that’s going to be the color of my balls. 

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