Fighting Slavery with Music

We’re making album number 3 in a trilogy of counter trafficking albums to shine a light on slavery and injustice.

We’ve been fighting against slavery for 7 years now – using melodies to shine a light on injustice and to rally a hopeful community under the banner of freedom. While elevating the work of the counter trafficking organization The Exodus Road. Our fanbase and community has contributed several hundred dollars of support to help The Exodus Road rescue survivors of trafficking.

I’m excited about this new album that we’re working on. We need your help to finish it We started backstage at festivals in our van which we converted into a studio, my brother Philip’s recording studio and we will come to your living room. Philip and I will record during the day and do a concert at night for you and whoever you’d like to invite – your space will be part of this album – third album in a trilogy of counter trafficking albums.

Sex trafficking is wrong, unless it’s kids with Down syndrome.

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Empowering people to live their best lives

Whole Latte Love Cafe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization that was established to teach customer service and social skills to persons with disabilities in a community integrated setting.  

Our mission is to enhance and empower the lives of persons with disabilities through education, preparation and employment to advance their life skills and careers.

This paid vocational training opportunity was created to change the way society views persons with disabilities as employable. A Cafe is the perfect environment to remove barriers while promoting the value of diversity, dignity and the quality of life through public awareness. 


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Service Dog for Emily with Tourettes

Emily is 15 years old.   She started ticcing at the age of 6 and was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 10 when her symptoms became severe.  

Tourette Syndrome is a neurobiological disorder that is characterized by tics.  Tics are involuntary, rapid, sudden movements and/or vocal outbursts that occur repeatedly.  Motor tics can be simple like blinking or shoulder shrugging to complex such as head banging, rolling eyes or pinching.  People with TS also often have anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder. Emily has the whole package.  She has struggled for years to overcome her TS and be successful in school and live the life of a “normal” teenager.  She has tried all types of medications and therapies to control her Tourettes.  Unfortunately, her Tourettes sometimes gets the best of her.  A service dog gives Emily a new chance.  It would let her do things she couldn’t otherwise do – go to crowded places without having a panic attack, help control her tics so she doesn’t physically hurt herself, and calm her anxiety so she can just be a teen.Service dogs require extensive training especially so they can learn to help with the tics not be afraid of them (like people often are). This training is costly and difficult.  Few groups will take this on.  THanks to the help of Healing Allies in Seattle, WA, Emily has this amazing opportunity.We need your help.  Please donate what you can to help us reach our goal and give Emily the new chance she deserves.  If you want more information about Tourette Syndrome, you can go to the national TSA website –

The dog will think it’s name is the N word.

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Young Video Entrepreneur Needs The Ultimate Tool

HI!  I’m Mac…  and I’m interested in making you laugh.  I enjoy watching the tons of content available on YouTube and from early on, I’ve been making my own videos. I love to entertain, and I love being creative.  

I’ve started this GoFundMe account in order to get the tools that I need to follow my dream.  

I want to create video and film that will entertain my peers, my friends and my generation.

I know that $5,000.00 sounds like a lot, but sometimes having the right tools is worth it. My Dad has always told me that having the right tools is what makes for the best product.

If I reach my goal, I promise to pump out clean, fun and extremely entertaining content for people that are interested in having a smile on their face!

Please help me out!!

Mac, don’t give your dad any creative control. He’s thinkin’ Naked Peter Pan.

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Little Roar and His Big Family

Help us create an animated children’s program featuring LGBTQ+ parents.

Little Roar and His Big Family will be a webseries for preschool and young school aged children that follows the adventures of Little Roar, a five-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex, his sister, Tiny Claw, and their two moms, Mommy and Mama Rex. Together, with a diverse cast of characters, the young dinosaurs will learn lessons about kindness and teamwork, as well as their ABC’s and 123’s.

What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Scissorus.

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The Degenderator • A campaign for all gender bathrooms

A cute animated figure replaces flawed gendered bathroom icons and funds the distribution of inclusive signs for free. #RecognizeKSRU

A campaign to help de-gender all bathrooms, to help people feel welcome and safe. 100% of proceeds are funneled into making more signs and giving them away. 

The Degenderator Sign and Kinetic Figure Installed on a single-person bathroom

A campaign to help de-gender all bathrooms, to help people feel welcome and safe. 100% of proceeds are funneled into making more signs and giving them away.

This is obviously the abortion industry trying to get women pregnant from toilet seat splooge.

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Panther Wrestling Club Start-up

Valued supporter,

The Panther Wrestling Club’s mission is to provide a healthy environment for the youth of our community. Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character and discipline, promote teamwork, and advocate citizenship and community pride. 

As a non-profit start-up, The Panther Wrestling Club has had the difficult task of prioritizing our expenses so we can be able to start our first season as a club this fall (October 2019). The general necessities like equipment, uniforms and insurance can be quite costly, and continue to escalate. The cost for each child averages to $200 season (equipment, tournament fees and USA Wrestling insurance); we are projecting to house 25 to 30 youths this upcoming fall. At Panther WC, no child is turned away and definitely not because of their financial need, we feel that every child deserves the opportunity to take part in our great sport. Our top priority is to welcome every child to our club.

We hope to be able to provide our youth with the essential equipment that will help them have a sense of pride as they compete on the mat. We depend greatly in our local businesses, sponsors, and fundraising to be able to accomplish our goal. We depend on our community relationships to help us make every season a memorable one. We hope that this is the commencement of an inspiring alliance and together we can continue to provide the World’s Oldest Sport with pride, to our community.

Any kind of donation you would be able to make towards our club to help us achieve our goals, will be greatly appreciated!

You don’t need much to start a wrestling club, just a mat and a mop to clean the cum.

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Our mission is simple – we are three LA based friends who want to shift how society (particularly women) fear sports. They aren’t educated on it, they aren’t encouraged to understand the games, and they aren’t inspired to talk about it. Our goal is to break the stereotype and talk about Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey with other women who do not know much about sports and making it a party – every hour will be an hour of us drinking / smoking with our guests and talking about the most recent events in sports with our guests. Picture “Guys we F****d” meets “Drunk History” meets “ESPN” meets 2019 feminism meets “TMZ”. It’s needed, it’s now, and it’s going to be your weekly power hour of information, laughs, and community.

Your funds will directly help us by going into paying for our equipment to start our PODCAST called TouchMeDown, pay our team who will be making out music, editing our videos, doing our make up, and making us US. 

Women are experts on MLB, Manipulating Lotta Boys.

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The Snodgrass Legal Fund

END UNDERCOVER DRUG STINGS IN SCHOOLS. Support the lawsuit of an autistic student who was entrapped and arrested by an undercover officer.

At 8:30 a.m. on December 11th, 2012, armed police officers rushed into our son’s classroom at Chaparral High School in Temecula, CA. He was handcuffed in front of his classmates, taken away, medically probed, interrogated without a lawyer, booked, and then locked up. We knew nothing about this until we called the school that afternoon at 3:45, after our son had not returned home. We were not allowed to see him until two days later, in court, and the look in his eyes will forever haunt us.

In August 2012, he transferred to a new school after we moved. We were amazed that he immediately made a new friend named Daniel who was in his art class. To the other students, Daniel became known as Deputy Dan, because, to them, he was clearly an undercover cop. 

Our son was an easy target for Deputy Dan. Diagnosed with autism at age 5, he also has bipolar, Tourette’s, and anxiety disorders. Autism is a disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication. He has tremendous difficulty making friends.

Deputy Dan asked our son to sell him his prescription medicine, but since we keep it locked away, he refused. On the second day of school, Deputy Dan gave our son $20, with a demand to get him marijuana, and began to text him around the clock. During this time our son received 60 text messages from Deputy Dan. On the fourth day of school, after art class, under constant pressure, our son burned himself badly and was sent to the school nurse. He is self-injurious which was noted in his student records. Three weeks later, desperate to keep his new friend, he provided Deputy Dan with about a half-joint of marijuana. 

The majority of Deputy Dan’s busts at Chaparral High were special education students. Deputy Dan’s stated goal was to identify and purchase illegal drugs from persons dealing on the high school campus. Our son is not a drug dealer.

Your autistic son could’ve been tricked into doing something worse. You’re lucky Deputy Dan prefers eye contact when he’s getting blown.

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